Woman punished 2 kids who jumped onto her car roof by driving while they sat there

1 month ago

Fairmont news, West Virginia news.

A 37-year-old West Virginia woman is facing criminal charges for punishing two children by placing them on the roof of her car and driving it as punishment, according to police.

Last Wednesday, Fairmont Police deputies received a call reporting child neglect at the Country Club Motor Lodge, a criminal complaint revealed.

Upon arriving at the scene, they found two kids, aged 5 and 8-year-old, on Cassie Gorbey’s car roof.

The incident occurred when the suspect parked her 2011 Ford Escape behind the building to meet a friend. Suddenly, two children scrabbled onto the car roof.

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  • The Grant Town woman spotted them, and “knowingly placed the vehicle in gear and drove with [the] two children on top,” the criminal mentioned.

    She kept speeding despite hearing “multiple witnesses screaming at her to stop.”

    Gorbey wanted “them to see how easy it was to fall off the roof,” she said while being investigated by Child Protective Services.

    She was taken to North Central Regional Jail and is currently facing two counts of child neglect creating risk of injuries. Her bail is set at $100,012.