Baltimore high school senior gunned down during Facebook Marketplace deal

3 month ago

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After he decided not to buy a car he saw on Facebook Marketplace, a Baltimore high school senior was fatally shot late last month.

Carlos Carrazana Ricardo, 18, was shot dead as he drove away from Mosher neighborhood where he and the car’s seller met on November 26.

Ricardo was with a friend who survived to tell deputies that shots were fired at them once they decided to leave without buying.

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  • Police arrested 18-year-old Marques Harris, identified by Ricardo’s friend as the seller, on Saturday and found a gun at his home.

    Harris was charged with first-degree murder despite him claiming that he also heard gunshots after the deal went wrong.

    Ricardo, a senior at J.P. McCaskey High School in Pennsylvania, came to the US from Cuba last year.

    “The loss is being felt widely in our school community…Please keep Carlos’ family, friends, and our students and staff in your thoughts as we process this loss,” the school principal said in a statement to students.