Wis. dad admits abusing baby son gives him ‘runner’s high’ after infant found with ‘significant injuries’

9 month ago

Milwaukee news, Wisconsin news.

A Wisconsin father accused of inflicting “significant injuries” on his 2-month-old son has allegedly admitted to abusing the baby revealing that doing so gives him a “runner’s high”.

39-year-old Michael Ormond was arrested on September 7 when his baby son, who was born premature, was brought to Neenah Hospital with severe bruising and brain bleeding.

The victim had just been released from the hospital after he spent there 47 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“Michael admitted to having thoughts of hurting (the victim) since bringing him home from the hospital,” police said.

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  • “Michael reported that after [the baby] came home from the NICU, he would hurt [the baby] came home from the NICU when he was alone with him.”

    “It ultimately led to squeezing [the baby’s] legs, arms, neck, and face.”

    The father “stated that he has anger issues and [the baby]’s crying triggers him.”

    “Michael reported that when he hurts [the baby] he gets something like a ‘runner’s high’.”

    Ormond also confessed to abusing his two daughters when they were babies adding that he only liked to hurt infants less than 9 months old.