Southwest Airlines jet escaped a dark fate thanks to the airport’s Arresting System.

7 month ago

A Southwest Airlines flight arriving at Burbank Airport from Oakland skidded off the runway after landing Thursday morning during heavy rain. the plane escaped a possible tragedy thanks to the concrete block which are designed to crumble and slow down the plane, the flight could have ended much more violently.

In a statement, Southwest said, "Southwest Flight 278 from OAK to BUR landed safely and rolled to a stop at the end of a runway. Customers deplaned the aircraft via airstairs, with no reported injuries among the 112 Customers and five Crewmembers."

the jet stopped just a few feet from a fence and a highway. It took a few minutes for the 112 passengers to realize what happened.

The plane was apparently saved by an EMAS system a soft sand-like material placed at the end of the paved runways. It's designed to prevent planes from overshooting even further.

Flights from other airlines were continuing to depart from Burbank.