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November 13th


U.S. think tank identifies undeclared missile bases inside North Korea

Mother tries to sell her newborn online

Deadliest fire in California's history slows as residents return to their homes

Sanctuary released immigrant kills 3 in a fatal shooting


Man charged in the fatal stabbing of a pregnant woman killing her and baby

School principal taken into custody after stealing $1K from mentally disabled student

November 10th

Man charged with murder after stabbing his father

Fourth teen charged in the shooting of a 16-year-old last month

Man shot inside a CTA train after altercation with the shooter

Dallas police in search of an escaped prisoner

Thousand Oaks mass shooting: authorities have revealed more details about the shooter

California wildfires:president Trump approved the emergency declaration .

Danville police officer shot a fleeing driver, the victim's family are demending an answer.

A possible murder-suicide in a in Brooklyn apartment and two corps are shot dead .

November 9th

Thousand Oaks survivor witnessed the death of his friends on the hand of his longtime friend.

An enormous inferno in California: wild fire flames are cutting through the whole country.

A Man survived Vegas shooting only to die in another one in Thousand Oaks

Asylum new policy: Trump’s latest approach to reduce immigrants. Trump’s administration revealed new rules concerning asylum seekers.

Phoenix Hannibal: A riddle of crimes was finally solved.

Murdered kkk leader wife said she was the one who shot her husband not her son.

Retiring congressman expressed his disapproval of Trump’s mocking treatment toward his fellow republicans.

November 8th

Two decades after her death the murderer of a university student is finally behind the bars.

A fatal incident: 3 children helping their semi-dead stabbed mother on Fitchburg road.

Lawyer who murdered his girlfriend was arrested in Cuba.

22-years-old man who shot at vehicle containing pregnant woman has received his sentence.

Guns and armor inside a school: parents and students are seeing is a big no-no.

Man survives life threatening throat wound after a Sandalwood's apartment invasion

At least 12 dead in California bar shooting, including a veteran Sheriff's sergeant

Second teen sibling dies after being shot by mom

A peaceful walk leads to a homicide incident .

The massacre of a family: father a daughter burned after being tortured.

November 7th

Highway hunter sentenced to 354 years in prison.

911 call :an abduction of a 13-years-old in NC.

California man attempts to hijack school bus to take the children "to see Jesus"

Lead police officier from The pulse shooting massacre become orange county sheriff.

A 10-year-old girl kills newborn baby in panic

Colorado dad finally pleads guilty in the murder of his pregnant wife and his two daughters