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21-year-old American student stabbed to death in Netherlands.

Man died after being detained by police in NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas.


Bomb threat on the sixth anniversary of the massacre in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

hawaiian psychiatric patient is set for trial after his escape.

PHILADELPHIA's tragic homicide:woman killed in front of her 5-day-old daughter .

Facebook says a photo API bug exposed photos that users hadn't yet shared to third-party developers.

DeKalb rookie police officer shot to death by suspect running from traffic stop.

Rudy Giuliani does not think Trump's hush-money was a sin since nobody was hurt.

the case of the Athens man who killed his 79-year-old mother will go before grand jury.

7-year-old immigrant girl died while being in U.S. Border Patrol custody.

former Baylor University fraternity president accused of rape banned from the school's campus.

Missing father turned out to be buried in his basement after son discovered his remains.

Holocaust survivor Alter Wiener,was killed by a car in Oregon.

December 13th

Bombs threats sends 24 schools including the well-known Columbine High School into a total shutdown.

Virginia coal mine trapped people were finally rescued after long 5 days of searching.

racist paramedic was suspended after comparing black patients with gorillas and terrorizing an African American child with a needle.

Active shooter reported in Dennis Intermediate School,teen suspect dead.

police officer killed in high-speed pursuit after his car crashed with a tree.

Lethal injection for man who battered and stabbed an old woman in 1992.

An imminent government shutdown might occur in December.

Uber driver uses a translator app to steal cash from customer

Several firefighters injured as massive fire rips through Queens Strip Mall

Driver dressed as Santa Claus shot at by other driver in Forest Hill

Police investigating a murder-suicide after a Florida father kills daughter then himself

South Carolina teen admits the shooting deaths of his father and an Elementary School student

child abuser raised chaos in Las Vegas courtroom,after attacking prosecutors.

5-hour standoff with police ends with suspect suicide

California's wildfire clean-up cost would be at Least $3 Billion surpassing last year's record.

Trial of Florida woman accused of plotting husband's murder, then marrying the killer finally begins

Shooting of Antwon Rose Jr.:Parents are suing former officer who fatally shot him.

29-year old Colorado mother mysteriously disappeared ,her family are asking for the public's help.

The Catholic Church removes 3 cardinals following sex scandal.

Accused Bronx killer attacked in jail

December 12th

A blue Christmas tree was installed by Indiana county to honor officers killed in the line of duty.

Mom accused of abducting son and fleeing to Brazil: 'I married a monster'

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou granted bail by Canadian judge.

Vegas family are facing charges for stealing more than $2 million in tax refunds.

Transgender woman was murdered by a Detroit pastor.

Police release video showing Colorado missing mom moments before disappearance

West Virginia's authorities are still looking for 3 people trapped in an abandoned coal mine.

Albany woman arrested after giving methadone to a baby to make him sleep

Texas woman confesses to cutting up cousin's body, cooking limbs on barbecue

Child to spend Christmas in hospital after being denied treatment by a big pharma

Florida double shooting suspect makes first court appearance, arguing over bond

El chapo's wife says 'husband normal and ordinary'

death row inmate would be executed by lethal injection for 1993 murder,sexual assault .

Hania Aguilar's case: Suspect to face death penalty if convicted

Police are investigating a houseboat which was damaged by fire in Brentwood .

Road-rage Suspect in custody following the killing of a New York firefighter.

Suspect admits shooting 2 children inside a car

Neo-Nazi activist James Fields would face life in prison sentence for Charlottesville murder.

Alabama girl kills herself after being bullied by classmates

Hania Aguilar's murderer was linked to a 2016 rape case via DNA evidence.

5 people died in the fatal shooting attack on a church in Brazil.

December 11th

5 people died in the fatal shooting attack on a church in Brazil.

170 Immigrants got arrested after trying to claim migrant children.

Father hears daughter's screaming over baby monitor, rushes to find her throat slit

White privilege :Colombia student said that white people are the best thing to ever happen to the world.

Armed police restrain a man inside the grounds of the Houses of Parliament using a Taser.

Birmingham's mayor went door-to-door, asking people to help solve a shooting

16-year-old Indiana boy admitted to the killing of pregnant schoolmate.

Road-rage killing of a firefighter: Police arrest the involved car's owner

Flint teen faces murder charges in the killing of a 7-year-old girl

New York teen shoved into street, fatally struck by oncoming ambulette

Convicted newlywed's killer set to die in Texas

Man arrested for planning an Ohio synagogue attack

Indiana girl’s cold case murder finally reached a closure with the arrest of the killer.

KKK are looking for new members at the location of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

The homicide of a pregnant high school cheerleader a fellow football player was charged with the murder.

Birmingham mass shooting:1 dead,2 seriously injured.

Football player accused of murdering cheerleader whose body was found in a trash can

Russian spy Maria Butina appears to reach plea deal with prosecutors.

Ohio woman throws baby twice out of anger

Family Who Lost their home in The California Wildfires Are Happily Reunited With Their Cat.

December 10th

A Calif man is facing charges for pushing a pedestrian in front of an oncoming truck.

a mother is facing charges of child endangering after tossing her enfant twice during an argument.

A DUI suspect crashes into a family car and killed Florida sheriff’s bailiff.

Drunk driver struck family vehicle; kills a sheriff's bailiff, and wounds the others

Family of 'Whitey Bulger' to file lawsuit against government for wrongful death

Born to kill:journals from Sandy Hook mass murderer.

Michigan woman drowns in freezing pond to save her dog

Colorado mom missing since Thanksgiving; Police intensify their search

Off-duty firefighter killed by a raging gang-member driver

Man who pushed passerby into traffic charged

Funeral held for a newborn girl found near California highway

Honduran migrant sends 8-month-old son under hole in US-Mexico border wall

December 9th

Man, woman admit driving with kids in trunk for much of 900-mile drive

Father of Alabama shooting victim: the police officer involved is a coward

Surfer known as 'Shark bait' attacked by a shark

Mom accused of drowning twin baby boys in the bathtub of a motel

Homeless man offers $17,000 he found to food bank

Major storm moving to North Carolina and Virginia

Police discover dead baby in a motel freezer, mom charged with manslaughter

Oklahoma's Kyler Murray wins Heisman Trophy

Man arrested and charged with the killing of 13-year-old Hania Noelia Aguilar

3 suspects at large in Miami suburb shooting

Concert Stampede in Italy: 6 dead, dozens hurt

Man charged after pushing a random passerby in front of truck

December 8th

Police shot and wound gunman causing disturbance inside Fred Meyer Starbucks

Devastating twist: Sergeant Ron Helus was in fact killed by friendly fire

Louisville police in search for missing armored-car driver and undetermined amount of money

Video of teacher forcibly cutting student's hair leads to her arrest

Pennsylvania parents charged in baby daughter's heroin overdose

Murder suspect's mother and brother accused of conspiring to kill witnesses to his crime

Former fiancé accused in the murder of newly pinned Navy Chief

Charlottesville trial: Suspect who drove his car into a crowd convicted

a deadly crash in the midst of heavy storms.

female pedestrian killed by hit-and-run driver.

A drunk driver shot himself to death during traffic stop in Boulder County.

Ex-fiance of Navy chief petty officer was arrested and charged with the murder.

The world still have good:Sixth-grader's honest note leads to hit-and-run culprit .

5 years in prison for Factory worker who put glass shards in cups.

December 7th

Thousand Oaks Shooting: deputy hero was struck by friendly fire.

Southwest Airlines jet escaped a dark fate thanks to the airport’s Arresting System.

the Golden State serial Killer cannot afford a private attorney.

Trump’s latest hypocrisy act:using illegal immigrants to clean his golf club in Bedminster.

14-year-old convicted of murder escaped juvenile detention center with another teen.

Child sex abuse within Roman Catholic Church:more California priests were added to the list.

Homeless young man stabbed to death and thrown over a bridge.

snow and ice: the South would face a winter storm this weekend.

Border agent Lonnie Swartz is free from involuntary manslaughter charge.

10-month-old girl died from an accidental drug overdose,parents were taken into custody.

organs of 4-years-old who died with a stray bullet were donated to three children.

Detroit doctors are facing charges regarding their unlawful $500M opioid scheme.

December 6th

One killed, one in custody following the deadly Surprise sports grill shooting.

A cleaning lady escaped sex assault after Security came to rescue her.

An Indiana school bus heading to Christmas musical was hit by a truck ,one student was dead.

From a border patrol to a serial killer:patrol agent was indicated for the killing of 4 women.

Unit 5 bus crash:2 dead, 9 students injured.

George HW Bush funeral: the awkward atmosphere between the presidents.

the Illinois Capitol is ready to celebrate the holidays season with a satanic flavor .

Police officer dragged by teen gang member may never recover from brain injury

Dismembered body found in a Michigan home basement

Teenager who shot herself in the leg to face burglary charges

woman pours hot grease on another during a dispute

Amazon robot accidentally tore can of bear spray in warehouse; 24 workers hospitalized

Utah's law books would not label the Attack on Latinos a hate crime.

Teenager who was pushed off a 60-foot bridge by friend wants justice

former US first lady and Duchess Meghan finally met in in London.

Homeowner hailed as a hero after killing escaped inmate

Sarasota County detective's car got busted,2 firearms and specialized equipment were stolen.

body found in Costa Rica belongs to missing Florida woman Carla Stefaniak.

Utah man who assaulted two Mexican residents won't be charged for hate crime

Lynching of 24-year-old man by a group of teens in Manassas.

December 5th

Trump's EPA to roll back Obama-era rules on climate.

transgender teen who murdered her family in 2016 was sentenced to 40 years

FBI offers $25G reward in search for 13-year-old killer

Sadomasochism:man hammered roommate's penis with an ice pick.

Charlottesville trial: Suspect was in a panic, sobbing after learning he killed someone

Fremont's third homicide of the year: driver crushes his car into a house after he was shot.

inmate escaped jail only to get shot to death by a South Carolina woman.

Dog foods brands recalled after vitamin D toxicity complaints

Texas teenager accidentally shoots herself with an AK-47 rifle, remains in critical condition

Texas 7 gang member inmate executed by lethal injection

San Jose killer found dead in his one-person cell

Iowa father leaves baby son alone for nine days in a dark, sweltering bedroom causing his death

hate crime:Brooklyn church statues were smashed after getting urinated on.

A plane crashes into Florida therapy center leading to the death of two people.

Mother shoots son after he pulled out a samurai sword

Kareem Hunt is now a free agent after he was not signed back by NFL teams.

Long Island man believes bones found in his basement belong to his father

AMBER Alert for missing Rochester girl was set off .

A deputy shoot and killed a suspected vehicle thief in Orchards area.

serial molester Jeffrey Epstein escaped a possible life term thanks to a secret deal with Alex Acosta.

December 4th

Body found on property where missing Florida woman was staying

An act of kindness costed Baltimore woman her life.

3-year-old girl shot in the head survives injuries, walks again

A shooter got caught in a 4 hour standoff at Parks Apartments in Central Fresno.

A man shot himself to death in a San Jose home.

An inmate killed by homeowner, the other captured after escaping from a South Carolina prison

California wildfire:11 people are still unaccounted for.

CNN's president: Trump's contempt for CNN has to do with him

No charges against Colorado officer who fatally shot a 73-year-old homeowner

Gang-member admits guilt in killing 2 teens

Trophy hunter shot and killed beloved Yellowstone wolf

FAU student threatens to kill teacher for scheduling an early exam

Walmart's secret Santa Clause .

George Conway is back to track to criticize the president's latest Tweets .

Trump to attend funeral service for former President George Bush.

Prison break:Inmate escapes from Oklahoma jail.

California's wildfires:the aftermath.

Pastor's wife run over and killed by three carjacking suspects

Trump is satisfied with his new ally aka former campaign adviser Roger Stone.

Alabama mall shooting: victim was hit three times in back while moving away

people may all migrate to the state of Michigan for Recreational Marijuana is now legalized.

December 3rd

Arkansas charter bus crash: driver lost control of the bus

Arkansas tragic school bus crash:One child was killed,45 other people were injured.

55-year-old woman on her way to church shoots and kills home invader

stories from the ghetto of migrants.

North Dakota man planned to flip Trump's limo using a forklift

Alaska's earthquacke: the aftershocks .

Trump sends Air Force One to Houston to carry Former President Bush to D.C.

Police searching for gunman after fatal shooting in Durham

One dead and 40 injured in youth football team bus crash

Decorated Navy admiral passed in an apparent suicide

Mysterious burning hole was the work of humans not the devil

December 2nd

Woman stabbed to death from her car's window as she tried to help a poor person

Mom drowns son, decapitates him then stuffs the body in a trash can

Judge to determine fate of new Mexico shooter who killed own family

President George H.W. Bush's last words to his son

Charlotte man who was shot and killed outside apartment complex identified

Woman hit and killed by a vehicle in Grand Rapids

Mansion killer spent the day before his rampage as he often did

Mom fakes daughter's death and held memorial to scam grieving friends and family

Cops searching for a hit-run suspect in Brooklyn

Man wielding meat cleaver shot and killed by Escambia Sheriff's deputies

Death in police custody ruled homicide by N.C medical examiner

Gunman wounded after shooting at a Police Department building

December 1st

Should Nehemiah Griego be sentenced as juvenile or adult in the killing of parents and siblings?

Migrant smuggling attempt leaves three dead

A MS-13 gang member and a convicted killer arrested traveling with migrant caravan

Former Dallas police officer indicted on the murder of unarmed neighbor

7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the State of Alaska

Will President Donald Trump attend Bush's funeral?

Former US President George W.Bush has died aged 94

police abuse:Ex-Dallas officer who shot her black neighbor charged with murder.

Fight over breakfast: Man shot last April by wife dies

Trump's last tribute to the late former president.

Alaska earthquake:weighing up the damage.

master humans:white student adopting the nazi ideology got punched by a black classmate.

The 41st president of the United States is dead at age of 94.

November 30th

A massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Anchorage sparkled fears of upcoming Tsunami.

my name is Abcde :five-year-old daughter was mocked over her name by a gate agent

illegal immigrants coming in a small boat were all detained .

Tesla's autopilot saved the life of a suspected of DUI.

St. Louis:undercover officer was beaten up by fellow colleagues .

holiday season tragedy:mother working extra shifts to pay her kid's christmas gifts got killed in a fatal car crush.

baby in dumpster:mother arrested for suffocating her infant to death.

after the deadly wildfire California would not take a rest with the coming floods.

former charity leader stole $900G for her personal expenses.

B-52 Squadron Commander fired over Penis Drawings In Bomber Cockpits.

$5K reward for more information about the case of the man killed by concrete chunk.

transit police arrested two men who attacked a blind man.

swastikas and an anti-Semitic slur:a jewish professor's office walls were vandalized

November 29th

i did not get enough ketchup that's why i need to punch somebody.

murdering housemate for stolen playstation.

northwest Houston fatal shooting:1 teen is dead.

Oral sex on 3-years-old child all inside a church restroom.

Colts Neck mansion fire slaying :it was the brother's doing after all .

A drug gang busted by police;leaving 2 deaths and 7 criminals in custody

the second suspect involved in Da’Quan Jordan's manslaughter is arrested.

New Jersey man charged with brother's family slayings

Grizzly bear attacks and kills mother and baby daughter

Mother sues U.S. for $60 million after death of her toddler dies from lack of emergency care

16 US Postal Service Workers convicted of accepting bribes to deliver cocaine through mail

Akron teen shot himself after mistakenly shooting his friend

police assume that the cadaver they have recovered recently belongs to teen Hania Aguila.

hazing incident: raping teammates with broomstick.

Nancy Pelosi is one step away from being next House speaker.

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Mississippi Senate seat in special election despite her latest racial controversies

Murder of Laquan McDonald :updates from the latest trial.

78-year-old may have committed as many as 90 murders

Wanted gang member hides from police in a barber shop

Redskins took Reuben Foster under its wing after 49ers dropped him for his domestic violence case

Indonesian Lion Aircraft should not have been in service, investigators say

November 28th

Trump:give me $5 billion for a new border wall,or i will shut down the government.

18-year-old woman found dead in the Ohio woods

A pip bomb through mail landed former political candidate in prison.

former GOP candidate pleaded guilty to mailing a pipe bomb to an attorney and injuring a pregnant postal worker.

Skydiving instructor committed suicide falling from sky to his death

Ivanka Trump does not see any harm in using private email.

priest who groomed a teen girl and impregnated her later is behind the bars now.

Body found as investigators search for a kidnapped 13-year-old

Logansport fire kills four children and two adults

Right-wing blogger pleads guilty to mailing a pipe bomb to attorney

Father shoots son over argument over NFL players kneeling

Texas gunman who killed one and injured two on Thanksgiving day arrested

El Chapo's lawyers are under the threat of sanctions.

Trump is facing heavy criticism for his indifference toward General Motors employees who lost their jobs.

president Trump has miraculously survived another Lawsuit .

Pennsylvania's Municipal Building Shooting:1 dead man,shooter in custody.

a heartwarming gesture:$1M donated to teachers and students from California's wildfire.

active shooter inside Walter Reed medical center.

Second death row inmate to choose electric chair over lethal injection

Eldery woman fatally struck while crossing the road to her home

November 27th

Spongebob godfather Stephen Hillenburg dies after battle with ALS.

Three US service members have been killed in an explosion in Afghanistan.

Global climate change: the promise of deadly catastrophes .

White house's holiday decorations this year: all about patriotism

A video game mic leads police to Florida man who has sexually assaulted a young girl.

Fatal crash in San Pablo left one dead

Some answered questions about the situation in the US border

Police now say: man killed in Alabama shooting was not the gunman

Twin suspects plead guilty to making bomb

US: More than a dozen diplomatic posts are vacant

4 US officers killed in line-of-duty during the weekend

New updates expected in the California mass shooting timeline

the Handmaid’s Tale inside the White House

latest human experimentation:China's First gene-edited babies.

late Buffalo priest crimes are coming to light.

Carlos Ghosn's legacy reached it's downfall after Mitsubishi Motors removed him as chairman.

Trump's former campaign foreign policy adviser would head to prison.

Alabama Mall Shooting :police killed the wrong person,family's demanding answers

After Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors remove Carlos Ghosn as chairman

Ukraine's voting on martial law in response to Russia's Seizure Of Ukrainian Ships.

November 26th

Trump threatens to close Mexico border after migrants clashed with authorities

the caravan of migrants is facing the rage of Border Patrols: tear gas and the closure of the gates.

US soldier killed in Afghanistan identified

Ex-cop accused of killing an MIT student pleads guilty

Philadelphia minacious shooting:one child,two teens were injured.

US medtech firm linked to faulty implants causing deaths

Charlottesville white nationalist rally:Ohio man would finally face trial .

About 500 migrants try to cross the US border illegally

30-year-old killed near his home

One dead and 6 injured including children after shootout in north Houston

Charlottesville car attacker's trial to start Monday

Triple shooting in West Philadelphia leaves 2 teens and a child badly injured

November 25th

Utah officer died after being struck by suspects car

Mom shot dead through door while checking peephole

Unarmed man shot by police left in wheelchair

Bradford's family demands answers over his killing

Ferry crashes into San Francisco pier

Casey Kasem's death case: wife, children accusing each other

Four-year-old dies after falling under a Christmas parade float

Thanksgiving night shooting: family of killed man hires civil rights attorney

Macron complains of the demagogic fashion of the Yellow Jacket protesters

Walmart gunman not expected to survive his self-inflicted wound

Newly elected Dallas DA thinks the killing of Botham Jean should be considered a murder

Alabama mall shooting: another gunman still at large

November 24th

Man sentenced to life in prison, expected to walk free 22 years later

Eighth U.S. soldier to die in Afghanistan this year

Colorado Woman fatally shot outside an apartment

Family outraged after finding their sibling's killer on Facebook

Hours-long standoff ends: suspect taken to hospital

Richmond man charged after near-fatal stabbing

Donald Trump received a Smackdown upon his latest remark on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

After Thanksgiving night shooting, shoppers return to mall

Methamphetamine addict held his 2 friends hostage inside a Walmart .

Colorado man who killed pregnant wife and 2 daughters sentenced

Alabama shopping mall shooting:Fitzgerald Bradford was not the one who fired rounds that injured 18-year-old

an inmate was gunned down,deputy Sheriff was injured .

Toddler birthday party turned into shooting range.

Pennsylvania man accused of killing his newborn baby and concealing its body in a cement-filled safe.

Alabama mall shooting: 1 dead teen, two others wounded.

November 23rd

Whataburger mad pant-less man died after police detained him.

Indiana Thanksgiving shooting:3 killed, 2 are in critical conditions.

deadly California wildfire is 95 percent contained thanks to the heavy rain .

Thanksgiving at the borders of America

man rejected to be a suspect in the killing of his brother's family in New Jersey mansion fire.

Trump is facing Turkey's rage for overlooking the case of Khashoggi murder.

Colorado woman who peculated Girl Scout cookie funds was pleaded guilty to felony theft

white fragility:I’d prefer the whole freaking nation be white

Monsanto appealed a $78 million verdict in weed killer case.

hate incident: man pulled gun on Somali teens in Eden Prairie McDonald's .

fatal Denver shooting between 2 rival gangs caught 4 bystanders into the action.

ex-pastor jailed in sexual assault and killing at Catholic Supply store in St. Louis.

November 22nd

Border Patrol agent is free from the charge of involuntary manslaughter for killing a Mexican teen.

Georgia murder suspect baffled people in court with an unusual remark .

subpoenas was issued for former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch

LFO member Brad Fischetti posted an emotional video following the passing of his bandmate Devin Lima.

the coldest thanksgiving:people may cook thanksgiving turkey using icicles as firewood.

American adventurer killed in Indian Island

pregnant teen was killed by a stray bullet inside an apartment complex

Drunk driver charged in Richmond fatal crash

Denver shooting: One killed and four wounded including a gang member

Body found stuffed in bag outside bank identified

Details of the Mercy Hospital shooting in Chicago

Donald Trump is ignoring calls to punish crown prince for Jamal Khashoggi's death .

2-month-old baby killed after mom threw her from car

Mudslides ghost:Wildfire Victims would possibly face another threatening catastrophe.

Brooklyn Bridge was forced to shutdown due to Fiery Crash that left 6 injured people and 1 killed .

Woman drops baby while fleeing police

the Brother of the victim who was burned in NJ mansion along with his family members is facing charges of aggravated arson.

American tourist killed by remote island tribe

Trump’s Business is facing danger Under House Democrats.

Cindy Hyde-Smith accuses Democrats of twisting her use of the term public hanging.

November 21st

Four fatalities in New Jersey mansion fire.

judge declared mistrial in the Case of Runner Karina Vetrano who was Sexually Attacked and Killed

Mr Trump is being labeled a scaredy cat for not vising troops in combat zones.

Stunning satellite image shows the devastation left by the Woolsey Fire

Jarryd Hayne is facing charges for biting a woman on her genital area.

Ivanka Trump's got two years to change her less-than-impressive tenure in the U.S Capital

Army soldier killed another fellow soldier over an infidelity case.

Sister of Chinedu Okobi disputes police version of his killing

Firefighters discover quadruple homicide at a New Jersey home

Latest California wildfire updates: 81 dead and 870 unaccounted for

South Korean Kim Jong Yang elected Interpol president

A United Airlines pilot is facing a criminal charge of indecent exposure.

president Trump is still considering Saudi Arabia a great ally regardless the crown prince connection to Khashoggi killing.

Kudlow anticipates the confrontation between the US and China at the G20

El Chapo trial: witness dramatic testimony continues

Chicago hospital massacre :Doctor, pharmacist and policeman killed.

California smoke to reach Dallas and Virginia

Ivanka Trump is under fire for using a Personal Email to send emails concerning Government Business

Ryan Zinke blamed California's wildfires on radical environmentalists.

Expected rain storm to provide respite from smoke in Bay Area

November 20th

US threatening to obstruct oil shipments to Syria; Russian and Iranian companies would face penalties.

Brussels Officer was attacked by knife-wielding man.

El Chapo's crimes are coming into light :a man was killed because he refused to shake the hand of the drug lord.

Four people executed in Philadelphia basement

Kabul suicide bomb attack kills 40 people

NRA suggests Doctors to stay in their lane ;Doctors welcomed that suggestion with a Smackdown.

a US judge blocked temporarily Trump's new policy toward asylum seekers .

Migrants entitled to asylum in port of entry rules a federal judge

Barcelona passenger train landslide derailment left one killed

Six people trapped in an elevator that fell 84 floors

The man was out of his head: next-door neighbor of California gunman recalls

Eric Swalwell started thanksgiving week by showing his gratitude to voters who saved America.

navy Seal who led Osama bin Laden operation is facing Trump's rage.

Christopher Watts gets imprisonment for life without parole for killing his wife and two daughters.

a minor was injured in a shooting incident in Harrison Twp.

In response to the White House letter: CNN asks for an emergency hearing

elevator led down into the dark abyss: passengers plunged more than 80 floors after a rope was cut off.

White House to welcome Christmas tree

commander of a Staten Island caught on audio allegedly threatening to kill subordinate fellow cops.

November 19th

former Republican is under fire after suggesting that US should stop the sanctimonious talk about Khashoggi murder.

Robber caught on video threatening workers at a convenience store

a woman was killed by a stray bullet while her husband was cleaning his handgun.

Hunter kills a woman mistaking her for a deer

iconic 6th grade teacher was killed by her ex-husband; a former Ohio judge.

Two pedestrians struck and killed by Christmas-themed train

Indianapolis fatal shooting: man shot and killed in a parking lot .

$150,000 donation from Kanye West to the family of Jemel Roberson

6-year-old girl left severely brain damaged after MGM handrail electrocution

The White House: Acosta's press pass restoration will be temporary

Former Ohio judge in custody after stabbing wife to death

Two people killed in a Pineland Ave. shooting

November 18th

Trump on the recording of the killing of Khashoggi: No reson for me to hear the tape

Brexit campaigners sought to raise funds from US

Missing Spanish teacher found dead in Mexico

Mass shootings kill universes of joy

California fires dead toll reaches 76 as 1300 are unaccounted for

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: a lesson against religious hatred

Death of an Illinois inmate ruled homicide

Former judge arrested after stabbing and killing wife

Husband shots wife dead as he cleaned gun

Vintage world-war airplane crashes into a parking lot in Texas

A hunter unbelievable find: two headed deer

Fire crews racing against time to contain fire before the expected winds

78-year-old serial killer confesses the killing of 90 people over four decades

November 17th

Police officer survives shootout as he arrested gunman

Trump heads to California on Saturday

Female GoFundMe suspect duped by the two others

Judge allows John Hinckley to live on his own

Two navy seals and two marines charged with killing an Army Green Beret

Kalamazoo shooting:one person dead and another injured.

camp fire latest updates:death toll reached 71, More than 1,000 people are still missing.

ex-lover of man who killed his pregnant wife and two daughters finally speaking up about the incident

Shocking: Teen accused of strangling mother and burying her body

Drunk driver sentenced to 20 years for vehicular homicide

92-years-old man shoot his 51-years-old son after going through 'Extreme psychological abuse' .

Trump on China: Can't have trade that's meant for stupid people

8 people killed ,power got cut off in Eastern U.S. snowstorm.

president Trump has "failed miserably" to support US troops according to Tammy Duckworth

American citizen who entered North Korea illegally would be deported

Central American migrants are not our enemies ,A captain with the U.S. forces announced

New York City 1st snowstorm slowed the pace of commuters with a 10-Hour Traffic jam

November 16th

Johnson County crash: two killed victims got identified

one man's corpse is another man's candy:California wildfires looters and thieves are on the move

Michigan mother charged with second-degree child abuse for overdosing her infant with methadone

Jim Acosta is back to track: president Trump forced to obey judge order .

paradise turned to hell : recalling memories from the town before wildfire .

rock star Billy Idol becomes a US citizen.

hate crime in Kentucky :White suspect is facing charges for shooting two black grandparents.

grandmother who abandoned grandchildren in a burning house would take responsibility .

Nevada’s "black book" added two 2 gamblers to the ban list.

MICHELLE OBAMA's list of things she could not say when she was Us first lady

November 15th

44 dead dogs found in freezer :police arrested and charged woman with animal abuse .

A New York City man won the the largest prize in New York Lottery history .

man who was shot and killed by South Carolina official was identified.

firefighters contained 57% of the so called Woolsey fire which stretches across 97,620 acres

Mexican citizen on death row in Texas has been executed for murdering his family members.

Norovirus spreads at a Camp Fire evacuees shelter

Murder of Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi prosecutors to seek the death penalty

Two people killed in a hit-and-run crash Park Manor

44 frozen dogs and 130 others living in deplorable condition at a New Jersey woman's home

Overnight East Lansing shooting sends one man to hospital

winner of the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot did not show up yet to claim his prize

wanted:$5,000 reward for dangerous serial bank robber.

Snow season to begin in northeast cities

8 children escaped injury after their school bus involved in a rollover crash.

Sharp rise in the hate crimes according to FBI

November 14th

Southern California fire obtained a new life while flocks of residents are returning to their homes .

Family of four arrested in gruesome 2016 slayings

Man charged of fraudulently collecting insurance payouts after drowning two sons

Walt Disney World banned man who raised 'Trump 2020' sign on Splash Mountain.

Florida man arrested after finding explosive chemicals in his home

Pedestrian struck and killed in on Ohio 741.

14-years-old boy forced to act as a human bridge received apologies from his bullies .

Toyota replaces the burnt Truck of a Camp Fire hero nurse

Search for Midtown serial robber continues

Details of Trump's last Paris trip

Virginia State to pay $20k to a mistakenly arrested woman

Jet crash in Texas Air Force Base kills 1 pilot and hurts another

Florida monkeys could put the life of citizens in danger .

Elizabeth "Liz" Patterson the 1st woman elected to Congress from South Carolina has died

President Trump his lawyers are on the verge of submitting responses to Mueller's team.

Rhoden family massacre finally reached a closure after the arrest of 4 family members connected to the crime.

Brandon Judd: Caravan migrants could have accomplished the mission in home country

Michigan man Michigan man who fired a gun at teenager would be charged with at least 4 years in prison.

Angela Merkel has called for the creation of a “real, true” European army.

New details emerge about the 911 emergency calls

American flag found standing, waving amid The Camp Fire's glare

November 13th

supermodel Ireland Baldwin tweeted that an officer accused her of looting while her mother Kim Basinger lost her house in California's wildfire

These are the 10 worst toys for this holidays season

latest Kansas City homicide: man was shot to death outside his house .

CNN files a lawsuit against Trump

police started hunting for the two suspects connected to Pine Bluff pawn shop mass shooting .

Severe vacancy makes veterans wait long time for appointments

California's wildfire smoke put more challenges in the game between New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers.

That's why "El Chapo" is being tried in Brooklyn!

Cancer- stricken boy had last dream come true

Inmates help battling the Camp Fire

Evacuation orders lifter for Los Angeles

some people who were evacuated in Southern California were allowed to return home.

Mogadishu car bombing:list of deaths rises to 52 victim.

High school coach recalls gunman who killed 12 at a California bar

£5,700 for a newborn baby: a mother tried to sell her baby after going through an early c-section .

2 dead, 4 wounded, in a gambling-related dispute in Tennessee.

Search for more wildfire victims continues in Northern California

victims of double homicide were finally identified.

November 12th

Michelle Obama cannot make a happy face in the presence of president Trump.

U.S. think tank identifies undeclared missile bases inside North Korea

$80K would be rewarded to "trolley man" who was the hero of Melbourne attack.

Mother tries to sell her newborn online

Flames of Camp Fire moved north and east overnight but did not reach Chico or Oroville.

code word saved 11-years-old girl from being kidnapped.

lost Wedding Ring In Ashes:Couple found their long lost treasure after losing their home in camp fire.

Cop accidentally shot and killed by a police officer

Deadliest fire in California's history slows as residents return to their homes

Sanctuary released immigrant kills 3 in a fatal shooting

November 11th

Man charged in the fatal stabbing of a pregnant woman killing her and baby

School principal taken into custody after stealing $1K from mentally disabled student

Tower Grove Heights residents plan a fundraiser for security cameras

November 10th

Man charged with murder after stabbing his father

New details come to light in the murder of Salim Richards

Fourth teen charged in the shooting of a 16-year-old last month

Man shot inside a CTA train after altercation with the shooter

Dallas police in search of an escaped prisoner

That was what Ohio troopers found in a woman's vehicle when stopped for speed!

victim of Melbourne terror attack turned out to be a well loved iconic coffee owner .

over 400 illegals were arrested in 2 days, Border agents are setting a record.

Westminster man who threatened Trump protesters got arrested for nearly running over two officers.

Thousand Oaks mass shooting: authorities have revealed more details about the shooter

California wildfires:president Trump approved the emergency declaration .

Danville police officer shot a fleeing driver, the victim's family are demending an answer.

A possible murder-suicide in a in Brooklyn apartment and two corps are shot dead .

The husband of White House Counselor is firing back at Trump's new decision to replace Sessions referring to it as "unconstitutional"

November 9th

$3.5M international bribery scheme has landed Pa. businessman into federal imprisonment

a dirt bike costs 2 men their lives.

Katy Trail park is no longer safe after 4 armed Robberies

Former First lady Michelle Obama would not forgive president Trump for putting her family into danger?

Thousand Oaks survivor witnessed the death of his friends on the hand of his longtime friend.

An enormous inferno in California: wild fire flames are cutting through the whole country.

A Man survived Vegas shooting only to die in another one in Thousand Oaks

Asylum new policy: Trump’s latest approach to reduce immigrants. Trump’s administration revealed new rules concerning asylum seekers.

Phoenix Hannibal: A riddle of crimes was finally solved.

Murdered kkk leader wife said she was the one who shot her husband not her son.

Retiring congressman expressed his disapproval of Trump’s mocking treatment toward his fellow republicans.

November 8th

Two decades after her death the murderer of a university student is finally behind the bars.

A fatal incident: 3 children helping their semi-dead stabbed mother on Fitchburg road.

Lawyer who murdered his girlfriend was arrested in Cuba.

Trick or treating leads to the harm of a child: needles inside candy bars.

22-years-old man who shot at vehicle containing pregnant woman has received his sentence.

Guns and armor inside a school: parents and students are seeing is a big no-no.

Man survives life threatening throat wound after a Sandalwood's apartment invasion

At least 12 dead in California bar shooting, including a veteran Sheriff's sergeant

''Just sit down'' said Trump to CNN's journalist Jim Acosta

Second teen sibling dies after being shot by mom

A peaceful walk leads to a homicide incident .

The massacre of a family: father a daughter burned after being tortured.

No one wants to be “EL CHAPO”s jury.

November 7th

Pipe bomb suspect makes first court appearance, amid thight security

This is how Genealogy test leaded police to crack a cold murder case

While U.S voters go to polls, Migrants receive humanitarian aid

Firing squad: an inmate last wish

Highway hunter sentenced to 354 years in prison.

911 call :an abduction of a 13-years-old in NC.

California man attempts to hijack school bus to take the children "to see Jesus"

Lead police officier from The pulse shooting massacre become orange county sheriff.

A 10-year-old girl kills newborn baby in panic

DHS : U.S voters targeted with "misinformation" on social media

Colorado dad finally pleads guilty in the murder of his pregnant wife and his two daughters

That's what Sinead O'Connor thinks of " White people" after her conversion

November 6th

Violence and child abuse :a disturbing footage of a teacher punching a minor inside a Californian high school

November 2nd

Trump announces plan to block asylum seekers at the U.S-Mexico border