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Coast Guard reported rescue of diver who disappeared exploring underwater shipwreck off NJ coast.

Stray bullet ripped through window striking girl in bed, leaving her in critical condition

Mom forgets toddler inside hot car for three hours

Husband runs over wife just after washing car


Man shoots boy dead because he woke him up

Man uses tractor to dump dirt on estranged girlfriend's car

Man who allegedly stuffed ex in suitcase and left her to die to enter guilty plea

Seven people shot when Snapchat party turns violent

Search continues for 16-year-old girl probably kidnapped by stalker

2 killed when small plane crashes into house in New York area

One dead, one injured following Red Roof Hotel shooting

Dad charged with negligent homicide after his 12-year-old daughter drove SUV, killing man and dog.

13-year-old Kentucky boy charged with kidnapping for stealing vehicle with 22-month baby inside.

Man broke into Queens grocery store, ran off with 10 jars of tomato sauce.

DNA helped detectives crack brutal rape from 36 years ago that was recently reopened.

California woman accused of slapping Trump supporter during Make America Great Again rally in 2017 convicted of battery.

Memphis store clerk convicted of second-degree murder in fatal shooting of teen for stealing $2 beer.

Parents arrested after body of infant found in open field

Rapper targets wrong home, fatally shoots fourth-grader about to sleep

Woman crashes into motorcyclist, continues driving with victim trapped under car

Newborn found covered in bugs and ants on minivan floor

Body of pregnant teen found buried in woods; Fiancé arrested

6-month-old dies mysteriously while in mom's care in Bronx

Woman who stabbed EMT ruled not competent for trial

August 17th

Mom arrested after she left baby in hot car and went shopping

Fight broke out on Delta flight that was delayed around 8 hours Thursday.

Mother surrenders after refusing to treat her daughter's cancer with surgery

Police in NYC apprehended man who caused mass evacuation, left pressure cookers throughout subway.

White woman arrested after pulling gun at black students

U.S. ICE officials arrested illegal immigrant after he was released on bond in a rape case.

Maine man charged in cold case rape, murder of Native woman pleaded not guilty.

Florida man arrested after he stuffed $7 bottle of wine down his pants, chugged it in store bathroom.

Daughters of Philadelphia Mayor, NJ city councilwoman arrested after brawling on bar-lined street.

Texas man’s body found in lake after 3-year-old girl found sleeping alone on a boat, said, “Daddy went swimming.”

Man wearing bulletproof vest, carrying knife outside Israeli embassy arrested by Secret Service.

Former Uber driver found guilty of raping intoxicated female passenger.

Philadelphia Logan Section shooting: 5 people injured

12-year-old girl arrested after fatally crashing car into man and dog

Florida boxer charged with keeping cougar without permit

Nevada sheriff arrested after helping man kidnap his elderly mother