elevator led down into the dark abyss: passengers plunged more than 80 floors after a rope was cut off.

9 month ago

on Friday passengers of an elevator in Chicago went through a horrific action movie when a rope broke on making the left plunging more than 80 floors.

The elevator is located in the building formerly known as the John Hancock Centre the name changed at the beginning of the year to 875 North Michigan Avenue the address of the building which is the 4th tallest building in Chicago.

passengers believed that they would die when the elevator plunges more than 80 floors, the elevator stopped at the 11th floor when another hoist ropes halted its fall.

the fire department was obliged to cut a hole in the wall to rescue the 6 passengers because the 11th floor doesn't contain a door to the left.

it took about 3h to rescue the passengers that were luckily uninjured.