A man attacked a McDonald's employee in Florida

5 month ago

A terrible incident was filmed: a Florida man is accused of attacking a McDonald's employee with a straw. The video of the scene illuminates social media. She was showing a man pulling a McDonald's employee by the shirt over the counter. According to the testimony, A straw was the cause.

Daniel Taylor spent the New Year in prison.

Brenda Biandudi, a witness, was the person who was watching the phone as the fight began to escalate rapidly.

She says it started when Daniel Taylor, 40, went to the condiment bar to pick up a straw at McDonald's on 34th Street in St. Petersburg.

"He was screaming and going to the counter and the young woman behind the counter told him it was the law, we are not allowed to have straw in the hall," said Biandudi. This law exists.

Police said that when he left, Taylor also hit another employee in the stomach.

McDonald's did not allow employees to speak, but sent a statement saying, "Our highest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers in our restaurants."

Biandudi is happy that his video could help the police to arrest Taylor.

"I do not know what he was thinking then, but I just hope you get the help he needs," said Biandudi.

The woman is still working at McDonald's tonight. Investigators also believe that Taylor may have been intoxicated during the incident.