White Californian man charged for hateful crimes and a car attack during Black Lives Matter protests

20 days ago

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A white Southern California man was imprisoned on $1 million bail in the wake of being accused of a hate crime coming from an incident in which police affirm he shouted racial slurs at a gathering of Black individuals before driving a vehicle at them, harming two, including an off-duty security monitor who discharged shots at the charging vehicle.

Dennis Aaron Wyman, 42, supposedly fled the showdown a month ago in a hotel parking area in Torrance, California, police said. He was captured during a July 8 traffic stop in Rodando Beach where he lives and was accused on Monday of numerous lawful offense checks, as per the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

The charges against Wyman were documented after a string of ongoing occurrences across the nation in which individuals have crashed into swarms, for the most part at fights, harming different individuals and executing one Black Lives Matter protester during a freeway protest.

Wyman was accused of two counts of ambush with a destructive weapon and one tally of an attempt of hit-and-run driving bringing about serious injury. He was being held at the Los Angeles County Jail, as per online records, and is planned to show up in Torrance Municipal Court on Tuesday.

It was unclear if Wyman has a lawyer.