Bloody body of slain 6-year-old boy found in car trunk

1 month ago

Mound news, Minnesota news.

A Minnesota woman is facing murder charges after the bloody body of her 6-year-old son was found in the trunk of her car Friday.

Julissa Thayer is accused of murdering Eli Hart whose body was found in the trunk of her car during a traffic stop. Another person was arrested in connection with Hart’s murder.

The victim’s father told reporters that Eli was placed in foster care for several months because Thayer failed to care for him but then was placed with her again despite the father’s objections.

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  • “This county failed this child bog-time,” the boy’s foster mom said.

    Since the boy had been back with Thayer he started acting violently in school, stuttering, and chewing on his shirt.

    The father alerted social services in March that Eli may be “mentally and emotionally abused,” but nothing was done.