Indiana girl, 17, shot and killed father-of-2 who worked in pizza delivery for extra-cash

4 month ago

Lafayette news, Indiana news.

An Indiana father of two has passed away when he was fatally shot at point-blank by a teen girl who tried with her boyfriend to rob him.

The incident was related to authorities in detail by eyewitness Patrick Gibson who said that the pizza delivery employee was ambushed by Jaelynn Billups and her boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter after they ordered pizza to an empty home.

The 37-year-old victim, Joshua Ungersma, then pointed a gun at Vanmeter and asked the witness to call 911. That’s when Billups crossed the street and fired at Ungersma with a 9mm handgun.

Both men were found dead at the scene. Billups was charged with two counts of murder among many other offenses in connection with the incident.

“Jaelynn Niree Billups did aid, induce or cause Joshua Ungersma to kill…Alberto Edwardo Vanmetere, while Billups and Vanmetere were committing or attempting to commit robbery,” an affidavit reads.

Ungersma was working for Domino’s Pizza delivery to win some extra-cash after his newborn infant came to the world. He also cared for his stepson.