34 years later, Indiana man confesses to murdering 18-year-old ex-girlfriend

25 days ago

Connersville news, Indiana news.

An Indiana man has allegedly confessed to the murder of an 18-year-old woman, resolving a case that remained cold for 34 years.

Denise Pflum was 18 when she disappeared in 1986 from a farm. The search for her stopped after her car was found abandoned and without enough evidence or a hint, her case went cold.

On Thursday, 55-year-old Shawn McClung was charged with voluntary manslaughter after admitting he committed the crime and killed his ex-girlfriend.

“She was an honor student. She was a talented athlete. She probably would have gotten scholarships, athletic or academic,” Pflum’s mom said. “She had so much going for her. There was no reason to run away.”

Now Plumf’s family is hoping to get some closure and locate her remains, to “give her a fitting memorial and a peaceful resting place.”