Police looking for man caught on camera defecating in Florida homeowner's driveway.

4 month ago

Florida news.

The police are looking for the man defecating in front of the camera in the driveway of a Florida homeowner, but the owner says that all he wants is an apology.

Wilton Thomas returned home on Saturday after work and discovered that a man had arrived home in an eco-friendly vehicle, squatting in the driveway and pooping, using his t-shirt to clean himself.

Thomas said the entire incident had been captured, but he said he could not clean up the mess, including the discarded shirt, until the next morning.

Thomas stated that he had tried to be understanding, but that he would still have preferred the culprit to take possession of his actions.

He went on to say: I had nowhere to go and that was where I had to do what I had to do.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office used surveillance footage to try to determine the identity of this man.