white fragility:I’d prefer the whole freaking nation be white

9 month ago

A woman experienced a racist tirade of abuse from another female customer who openly expressed her hatred toward people who are not white as her.

restaurant after another customer asked to sit next to her.

Lennys Bermudez Molina went into Wildflower Bread Company on Wednesday to eat and work on her laptop while charging her car outside, and she asked a woman sitting alone if she could sit in the open seat next to her in the crowded north Phoenix eatery.

the white customer expressed her resentment saying: ‘Do I have a choice?’

molina said ‘Well, yes, you have a choice, that’s why I’m asking you.’

the women then struck Molina with a shocking racist comment saying: ‘Well, I prefer white let’s just put it like that.’

Molina started recording the racist rant with her cell phone, the video shows the other white customer expressing her dislike of non-white people and said that she prefers the whole freaking nation to be white.

the nationalist woman added that all non-white people would be wiped from the united states soon.

the woman left the scene after spreading her poisonous remarks, astonished Molina reported the whole incident to the manager of the eatery.

molina expressed her frustration toward the recent acts of racism hinting that these racist people were able to voice their opinions freely thanks to the current political climate under President Donald Trump.