92-years-old man shoot his 51-years-old son after going through 'Extreme psychological abuse' .

9 month ago

Richard Landis Peck a 92-year-old former lawyer in Southern California was arrested after he shot and killed his 51-years old son while he was sleeping.

san Diego police officers said that they went to Peck's house after the old father came out around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, calling for help and confessing the murder of his son.

Douglas Gilliland, the attorney defending Peck, said in court on Friday that peck was under "extreme psychological abuse."

gilliland stated that the 51-years-old son who was going through divorce moved in with his father three months ago.

that's when pecks peaceful life would turn upside down ;the old father called police twice after he feels that he is in extreme danger when his son get drank and start smashing things inside the house .police took the sone once to a mental hospital but when the second call came they did not want to get involved in "a family matter".

Wednesday evening the son smashed his father's landline phone and destroyed the only thing that connects the elder man with police and his daughter in Georgia.

the son then went to bed after delivering a death threat to his father saying he would see him again when he wakes up; Pecks knew then that tonight would be his last.

the former lawyer could not sleep that night and decided to end his son's life instead of waiting for death .

the defence attorney said that peck's family knew of the critical situation he is going through.

the judge would review the amount at a hearing on Tuesday while peck is still held on $500,000 bail.

Deputy District Attorney Daniel Shim said that the culprit would face 50 years to life in prison if convicted.