10-year-old girl recorded video of her mom driving while intoxicated before calling the police.

5 month ago

Phoenix news, Arizona news.

Stephanie Davis, 31, was arrested on September 7 at approximately 4:15 pm to Glendale on suspicion of impaired driving after her 10-year-old daughter recorded a video of her driving while intoxicated before calling the police.

The girl showed the police in Glendale the video in which three children under 15 yelled at Davis to stop before she was a victim of an accident, according to court documents.

Officers said Davis was tickling in front of the car when they arrived, according to the documents. They said she admitted to drinking wine on Saturday without saying anything else.

According to the court documents, the police stated that Davis had an extreme alcoholic smell. She was unbalanced and swayed, the police said.

Davis refused standard field sobriety tests, and a warrant was served to obtain a blood sample, according to court documents.

She is scheduled to appear in court on September 23 and has been released under her appointment.