Arizona Local and Breaking News

June 18th


John F. Kennedy Presidential Library celebrating 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Homeless man admits to killing university golf star

Iowa public safety official found dead with three family members

Mother and daughter killed by boyfriend who attempted to suicide

First female astronaut will step foot on the moon by 2024

Latest: The fatal police-involved shooting at Costco Wholesale warehouse store in Corona

Former NBA player, Anthony Grundy, pleaded not guilty in connection with fatal hit-and-run.

University heavyweight wrestler Gable Stevenson, teammate, arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct.

Italian man accused of posing as George Clooney to hawk clothes online was arrested with his wife.

Burglary suspect with machete wound from a run-in with 11-year-old boy caught


Man arrested in theft of stolen pool floats, he used inflatables for sex instead of raping women.

Home invasion suspect fought off by 11-year-old with a machete is on the loose.

Relatives discovered bodies of 4 family members, including two children, with gunshot wounds at home.

Woman works as a sheriff’s deputy arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

11-year-old armed with machete thwarted a three-person home invasion.

World’s plumpest parrots are being killed.

Teen lost her leg and two fingers to a shark says the attack isn’t going to keep her down.

Coast Guard helped take man from cruise ship to the mainland for medical problem.

Plane blew tires while landing at Newark Liberty International Airport, skidding on the runway.

Woman accused of disturbing a sea turtle nest in Florida.

Officials investigating the death of a man in police custody.