Woman arrested after leaving 1-year-old, 3-year-old in running car with air conditioning for more than an hour.

5 month ago

Glendale news, Arizona news.

According to the police, a woman was arrested Friday after she left her 1-year-old and 3-year-old children in a car with air conditioning on while she was shopping at Arrowhead Towne for over an hour.

According to the police report, the mall security services contacted the police after seeing the children locked up in the unattended vehicle.

It was 108 degrees outside, police note, the car was running and the air conditioning was running. A police officer broke the window on the front passenger side and unlocked the door. The children were taken out of the vehicle and controlled by Glendale firefighters.

The agent found Maria Garcia Lobato's phone number inside the car and told her to get out of the mall.

The court documents indicate that Lobato told the police that both children were sleeping and she decided to leave them in the car and buy clothes for her children with her third child, 5 years old.

Lobato told the police that she only had one stroller and that she thought it would be easier to let her children sleep.

Lobato is now facing two counts of child abuse.