Arizona man said he was “undercover narcotics officer” after police approached him about suspected drug deal.

5 month ago

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Gabriel Delgado, 43, was arrested on September 1, according to the KPHO television channel in Phoenix. The officers said they saw Delgado and another man "hold a hand-to-hand exchange" in Surprise, Arizona, about 25 km northwest of Phoenix, according to court documents. The two men reportedly fled the police.

After catching up with Delgado, he told them he was "Sergeant Gabriel Delgado from the El Mirage Police Department." According to the police officer, his badge was in his pocket and the alleged drug purchase was part of a covert operation.

Police said that Delgado had been arrested several times. The police arrested Delgado after discovering a "usable amount" of marijuana on him, KPHO-TV reported.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office filed a complaint on September 4 for possession of marijuana and the usurpation of the identity of an officer.