Ohio mom accidentally shot her teen daughter after she surprises her by coming home early.

5 month ago

Girard news, Ohio news.

An Ohio mother accidentally shot her teenage daughter when she surprised her by coming home early after school.

Hannah Jones, 18, said she "walked out the door with enthusiasm" to surprise her family at home in Girard - terrifying her mother, Renee Jones, who thought she was an intruder.

The boyfriend told the dispatch that Jones was bleeding "very badly," according to the 21 News call.

Pointing to his wounds and X-rays, Jones said that her elbow shot broke her right elbow in three places - leaving her with eight screws and three plates on her arm as a result of surgery.

Girard's police chief, John Norman, confirmed that the mother had a concealed transit permit.

Prosecutors have yet to decide whether charges will be laid, Norman said.

"If you realize that someone has a shotgun and is not expecting you, announce yourself when you enter the house or even get up to drink a glass of water in the middle of the night." Norman said.