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Attorney general shot to death as she returned home from daily jog

Search continues for driver who intentionally hit 4 children outside home and ran away

Mother suffocates 2-month-old son to death and goes to sleep


Colorado police officials offer $9G reward for information on the suspect who attacked supermarket security guard.

Suspected killer of 4 drives to police station with body in car

Florida man arrested after allegedly raping 10-year-old girl he met through Snapchat.

Woman sentenced in burning boyfriend to death

Florida man,94, arrested after he killed his wife, tried – and failed – to kill himself,

Man walked into California police department with body in car, told officers he killed 4 people.

Decomposing body found inside manhole in New York City, police say.

4 Texas federal prison inmates nabbed after escaping to go on booze run.

Man accused of shooting at Louisville Metro police officer responding to domestic call.

Baltimore police announced arrest in a “cowardly” road-rage shooting of 2-year-old boy

Chicago man charged after weekend shooting rampage that left 5 neighbors dead.

California neurosurgeon facing trial for alleged child sex crimes found dead in his jail cell.

6-year-old boy found in car located after thief hopped into running vehicle and sped away in Brooklyn.

California investigators announced the arrest of man for allegedly raping 16-year-old girl.

Six people in Philadelphia, ranging from 14 to 27 years old, taken to hospital after being shot

October 14th

Three employees at living facility arrested after running fight club residents with dementia.

Alabama girl, 3, is missing after she was kidnapped at birthday party.

Convicted pedophile busted for trying to have sex with 14-year-old girl.

27-year-old man charged with first-degree murder after shooting that left two men dead.

Chicago man shot 5 neighbors in his apartment building — killing four.

Dallas police officer hit and injured by vehicle on Saturday night.

7-year-old girl lost both of her feet after doctors mistake meningitis for ‘tummy bug’

An especially deadly October in New York City, and the murder rate now up for the year.

2 teens arrested after an Ohio woman killed by a large falling log in Hocking County park.

Murder accomplice enters not guilty plea in slaying of man and his dog

Inmate at large after escaping Montana jail

Ala. Police arrest 'evil' mom who murdered two small children

Alabama girl, 3, in extreme danger after being kidnapped during b-party