High school student arrested for shooting dead her classmate

6 month ago

Miami County news, Ohio news.

Police arrested an Indiana high school honor roll student after she allegedly shot dead a teen who attended the same school at her home Sunday night.

According to a Miami County Sheriff's Office, 18-year-old Brayden Berkshire could be charged with reckless homicide and obstruction of justice in the killing of Nathaniel Joe Hopper, 18.

The relation ship between Berkshire and Hopper who was a former student at Logansport High School and the motive of the killing remained unclear.

The suspect is now free on bond, police said.

It remains also unclear if Berkshire who had not entered a plea had a lawyer in her side.

Logansport High School Principal Matt Jones stated: "This is a tragic event and we want to allow the authorities to do their investigation."