Shackled, wounded Ohio shooting suspect appears before Judge for killing one officer, injuring other

6 month ago

Cincinnati news, Ohio news.

The Ohio man accused of killing a Sheriff's deputy and injuring another during a 12-hour standoff appeared in court on Monday.

Wade Edward Winn was shackled, and injured in the face as he stood before Judge Kevin T. Miles at Clermont County Municipal Court. The initial hearing determined his bond at $10 million.

Winn faces charges of aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder after he called police and said that someone was inside his home. He then lured responding officers with suicidal threats before faking his death. When Detective Bill Brewer and Deputy Nick DeRose approached to assist him, he opened fire killing the first and wounding the second in the ankle.

Winn's lawyer claimed that his client was remorseful, and has previously been under psychiatric care.