Arizona passenger arrested after slitting Uber driver throat

7 month ago

Goodyear news, Arizona news.

An Arizona man has been taken into police custody and charged after he allegedly slit the throat of an Uber driver.

Francisco J. Diaz, 45-year-old, faces a second-degree attempted murder charge and two counts of aggravated assault after he reportedly attacked an unidentified Uber driver, stabbing him with a large knife and slashing his throat in an unprovoked incident.

The victim has picked up Diaz from a Buffalo Wild Wings in Goodyear.

"Blood just started gushing out," the driver told a news outlet. "I kept saying, I'm not going to die."

The suspect has confessed to the crime, claiming that he pulled out the knife, and attacked the driver because he felt afraid.

He is being held on a $500,000 bond and scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 7.