Restaurant owner received death threats over a poster that criticizes President Donald Trump

7 month ago

Baltimore news, Maryland news.

Rosalyn Vera, owned by Cocina Luchadoras, located in Baltimore's Fells Point neighborhood, told police about the threats and acts she had been subjected to last week.

Vera said the calls came from a Thursday mention, threatening to hurt her business if he does not remove a poster representing Trump and containing a letter in Spanish that translates to "Donald, you're stupid".

The poster is part of the restaurant posters opposing Mr. Trump and his policies. Others are in favor of immigration.

Vera stated that she had informed the police of the threat and that the authorities had come to the restaurant and taken the appellant's identity information in connection with the telephone call he had received. The name of the suspect was not disclosed by the Baltimore Police Department.

Vera, an American citizen and immigrant girl, said the alleged threats scared her.