Maryland Local and Breaking News

December 12th 2019


$3M in cash found stashed inside pork shoulder barrels

Convicted killer of two prominent Boston doctors escorted out of court after threatening prosecutor

New Mexico man sentenced to 207 months for drug offenses, firearms

Montana husband found guilty of killing wife, injuring roommate

Boy, 13, charged as adult in brutal stabbing death of grandmother: 'One of the most gruesome crime scenes'

Washington 3-year-old abused to death by father's girlfriend

Georgia teen arrested for killing pregnant student and her boyfriend

Woman shot and baby injured in car in Riviera Beach and.

Two 16-year old-robbery victims, one of their moms helped deputies track down gun-wielding suspect.

Fontana police stopped man from committing suicide by cop.

80-year-old woman died after she was involved in head-on crash in Isle of Wight.


Florida teen arrested after stabbing hospitalized boyfriend with surgical scissors

Mother convicted of murdering child she forcefully threw into crib

18-year-old pleads guilty to throwing boy, 6, from 10th-floor balcony so that 'he would be on the news'

Alabama 5-year-old shot dead amid crossfire between 2 women

Teen stabs his mother to death amid argument in parked car

Police: Two “Grinches” charged after trying to steal Christmas from group of foster kids.

Taco Bell worker threatening customer with 18-inch machete in a drive-thru lane

Tourists hiking on New Zealand’s White Island just minutes before violent eruption killed at least 5.

Veteran sheriff’s deputy arrested after 6 women accused him of forcing them into strip searches.

2 guards with rapper Juice Wrld when he suffered cardiac arrest at Midway arrested after three guns found.

12-year-old girl arrested after threatening to kill students at her middle school.

3 teens in custody after leading Mesquite police officers on chase.

Woman died, man injured after violent crash into Hyattsville home.

Police: 2 teens shot while waiting at bus stop.

Baltimore County Police officer arrested and charged with rape, misdemeanor assault.