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4 bears hop in car's windows in Tennessee

102-year-old woman fatally attacks roommate, 92, at retirement home

14-year-old dies after years of suffering and medication following childhood incident


Truck driver fatally strikes 2 sisters while searching on Youtube

Son discovers mother's skeletal remains in backyard decades after her disappearance

8-year-old finds mother's lifeless body: Cop charged

Teen dies at hospital after being dropped off by mysterious man

Co-owner of a day care was arrested after a 5-month-old was left in a hot van and died.

Daycare employees forget baby inside hot van

Florida serial killer who murdered 10 women set for execution

Man steals ambulance, drives to Music Row

Police release more information about body found in shopping cart

Uber driver kidnaps three women and asks them about their lives

May 22nd

Body discovered in vehicle amid traffic stop search

Man sentenced to 30 years for deadly playing with fire that cost woman's life

Woman, 75, indicted in husband's stabbing death

Man tries to kidnap 3-year-old, holds elderly woman at knife point

Teacher brings concealed gun, 2 knives to school

Father kills 5 children, drove with remains for an entire week through states

Mother and son went missing for over a week

LSU fraternity suspended amid hazing and misconduct allegations.

17-year-old girl abducted from Wendy's restaurant, found with the man accused of taking her.

States and municipalities suing federal government to stop new rule letting health care clinicians to providing abortions.

Husband turns himself in after shooting wife dead over cigarette argument

Suspect arrested while trying to jump from motel balcony

Tennessee man shot and killed outside his home, found holding piece of paper, the key to bringing his killer.

Police officer kills ex-girlfriend then shoots himself dead