A police officer shot dead and another injured in an ongoing standoff situation

7 month ago

Clermont County news, Ohio news.

One police officer was shot dead and another was injured in a clash that was continuing in a residential building in Pearce, Ohio.

The incident started on Saturday around 7 pm, when someone called the police for an audit. Two deputies were shot around 22:30. The suspect was then hiding in an apartment, said Lieutenant Lt. Julie Poe with police from Pearce Township.

"The morning is very sad for the Sheriff County Sheriff's Office," Capt. Jeff Sellers said.

The area around the building was closed and the suspect continued shooting all night.

The second officer was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in a stable condition.

Pierce Township is located in Clermont County, on the border between Ohio and Kentucky, about 32 km southeast of Cincinnati.

He is the fifth policeman to be killed by fire this year. It was the first time since Mobile Tudor, a police officer, was killed in Alabama when he filed an arrest warrant on January 20.