Authorities seize two massive truckloads of marijuana and methamphetamine that worth $2 million

7 month ago

Arizona news.

Authorities in Arizona seized two huge trucks of marijuana and methamphetamine worth $ 2 million on Friday and arrested three suspects in the case.

Sharif's office said four people were out of the trucks trying to escape the police. Three of these four men were eventually arrested.

When the abandoned trucks were searched, the police found 3,500 pounds of marijuana and over 220 pounds of methane.

Ruben Espricomita-Jimenez, 46, Jose Jaime Garcia Lopez, 30, and Uni Onterferos Torres, 48, have been charged with possession and transport of dangerous drugs for the sale, possession and transfer of marijuana. The fourth suspect is still on the run.

Officials also said that the trucks driven by men were stolen and the license plates were false. The three men were accused of stealing a car as well as drug charges.

The seizure included the Maricopa County Drug Working Group, including investigators from the Office of the Police Commissioner and Customs and Border Protection Officers.

Just last weekend, CBP experienced the biggest corruption in US history. The agents found about 250 pounds of fentanyl, a highly addictive opioid, in the port of Nogales from the entrance, also in Arizona. Nogales is located three hours southeast of Gela Bend.

Juan Antonio Torres-Baraza, who also reportedly found about 400 kg of methamphetamine, has been accused of owning its distribution structure.