3 South Carolina teenagers in custody for the murder of honor roll high school's athlete

7 month ago

Greeville news, South Carolina news.

Reports said that the South Carolina authorities have arrested three teenagers in connection with the deadly shooting of an honor roll high school student athlete.

A 16-year-old teen is allegedly involved in the killing of Joshua Meeks, a Mauldin High School student. He was arrested Thursday.

Sosa Mandiez Croft, 18 was also arrested at his home Wednesday for his involvement in the crime.

18-year-old Lyric Mone Lawson who be believed to conceal the victim's body after the killing was also arrested Friday.

The three suspects face charges of murder, armed robbery and possession of a weapon durant an violent crime.

Meeks was last seen on Jan. 30 after spending the night with his friend. He was later discovered dead near an intersection in Laurens County.