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Alaska man received U.S. Coast Guard's second-highest civilian honor for saving a girl from drowning

53-year-old millionaire businessman pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sexual conduct with an underage girl

Former Disney World employee accused of stealing $7,000 arrested.

Hundreds of demonstrators marched to Alabama Capitol to protest the state's new abortion ban.


Florida couple arrested for scamming an 82-year-old veteran out of his life.

One dead, two injured after an explosion decimated a home.

Roadside bomb hit tourist bus near Giza Pyramids, wounding 17 people.

Man charged with murder after the death of woman in domestic-related incident at Randwick.

Wyoming teen sues off-duty officer who pulled a gun on him as he ran to a bus stop.

Feds failed to ban Mongols motorcycle gang from using the storied marauder’s likeness as its logo.

Louisiana students poured chemical into teacher's drink, filmed it on Snapchat.

Latest: Severe weather with winds up to 130 mph touched down in southern Oklahoma.

African-American dancers split more than $3 million awarded to them while working in strip club.

Police arrested 50 people and seized drugs and guns during an investigation.

Matthew McConaughey received his high school diploma, more than 30 years after graduating.

May 18th

High school graduation party fueled by alcohol spiraled out of control, leaving one person dead.

Body of missing man was burned inside home: Police

Teacher plants bullet at school to urge officials get metal detectors

Man walks up to vehicle, shoots multiple times at unknown mother

Traffic roadway near New York City remained closed Saturday after a major fire broke out overnight.

Woman impersonates sheriff's deputy to help boyfriend escape prison

Remains of missing Virginia teen found in mountain

10-year-old girls having slumber party, a naked creep tried to sexually assault them.

Missouri the latest state to pass a restrictive anti-abortion law

Woman stabbed her boyfriend, threatened to kill him after he failed to get her birthday gift.

Woman conked KFC manager on the head with metal pipe

Latest: Wisconsin shooting that killed firefighter in Appleton and left another man dead

Autorités: l'agent a donné de l'alcool à un enfant de 1 ans et à 6 ans.

Florida woman charged with threating to carry out a mass shooting at a school.

Woman slams the head of her son's father with a kitchen pot

Search intensifies for woman who tried twice to kidnap little boys

Woman convicted of premature son's death resulting on meth use

Those were the last words of Alabama executed inmate

Teen fatally shot, mother severely injured when ex-boyfriend intentionally targeted them