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Tennessee mother fatally shoots son before taking own life: 'They couldn't be saved'

Florida mom accidentally shot when 3-year-old found weapon under car seat

Man fit to stand trial after killing 70-year-old dad with garden shears


Woman whose car was found saturated in blood walked to her killers' home: Police

Maryland fourth-grader fatally hit by school bus

New York woman admits shooting dead boyfriend, setting body ablaze

Nursing home worker arrested after stealing gold rings off patient's fingers

Houston officers furious after judge set bail of police sergeant's killer at $150,000

4 years later, Alabama man charged with leaving girl unattended in cold car over night

Shooting in Atlanta leaves at least one injured: Suspect still at the scene

16-year-old sentenced to juvenile detention program in murder of retired cop

Ex-NFL player arrested in shooting death of drug dealer in Baton Rouge

Man accused of stabbing neighbor more than 70 times to be held without bond

December 12th 2019

Defendant attacks judge with metal water pitcher as life sentence verdict was read

San Jose surgeon arrested after trying to kidnap son during supervised visit

Autopsy results: Man found eaten by alligator died of meth overdose

2-year-old fatally crushed by train in Manhattan after slipping away from mom

Toddler beaten to death by angry mom after pulling flat-screen TV off table

Texas death row inmate executed for 2003 killing of prison supervisor

Barnard College student fatally stabbed while hiking in Morningside Park

'I was tired of them': Unremorsful killer of grandmother, great-grandmother lived with bodies for a while

Texas police officer killed amid traffic stop: Suspect still at large