Criminal trial of a pharmaceutical executive marketed the drug fentanyl

10 month ago

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Federal prosecutors said John Kapoor was not satisfied with sales of the fentanyl spray developed by his company to treat cancer pain. He therefore used "bribes and fraud" to try to sell it to patients without cancer.

Kapoor and six other Insys executives face charges of racketeering, mail fraud and wire fraud conspiracy.

Kapoor, the billionaire founder of Arizona-based Insys Therapeutics Inc., pleaded not guilty.

Kapoor's lawyer, Brian Kelly, has already stated that his client "does not believe the case is sound, he wants to fight this case," the Associated Press reported in November 2017, a month after arrest of Kapoor.

Prosecutors have blamed Kapoor for the same criminal status that is traditionally used to prosecute mobsters, accusing Kapoor and six others of racketeering plagues involving doctors, dangerously high doses of fentanyl and insurers who have to cover the cost of the drug. drug.

Insys Therapeutics announced last August that it would spend $ 150 million to resolve a Justice Department investigation related to the commercialization of its fentanyl spray subsystem.

Kapoor was arrested in 2017 on the same day as President Trump said the opioid crisis was a public health emergency.