Massachusetts Local and Breaking News

June 20th


two from three murder suspects to stand before judge

Woman arrested after son, 8-month-old, tests positive for cocaine

Boy, 5, dropped at hospital after being fatally shot

Son of criminal father hired killers to murder parent and brother

Girl, 12, arrested after accidentally shooting two teenagers

Mom, twin daughters die in submerged car in Kalamazoo River

Mother charged after 21-month-old dies in hot car

Families who lost loved ones in Virginia Beach shooting calling for independent investigation.

County official in Alabama defending his comments against gay people.

Man surrenders after seeing himself wanted on social media

Woman moving out of home discovered her mutilated and headless dog inside a box.

Woman steals terminally ill mother's ID

'Empire' actor arrested for driving without license

Suspect sentenced in killing of woman while sleeping


Autorities found body of woman, 1 child and looking for another child after woman intentionally drove into river.

Woman rammed into car thinking it carried three abducted girls

'Unstable' wife shoots soldier husband dead

Suspect convicted of killing retired university professor sentenced

Officer discovers severed human torso in car amid traffic stop

Man who spent 15 years on Alabama's death row being set free.

Casino patron gets decapitated for 6$

Rapper C Glizzy shot in the head outside convenience store

Man charged with killing former NBA player Lorenzen Wright pleaded guilty to gun charge.

Federal jury convicted man accused of shooting U.S. ATF agent.

Florida burglary suspect says he’s stolen inflatable pool toys, have sex with them instead of raping women.

Small weekly newspaper receiving praise for column approaches to stand up for diversity.

Authorities searching for 3 men escaped from immigrant detention center in Colorado.

National Weather Service: 9 tornadoes struck Indiana, damaging school and other buildings.

Latest: Fatal shooting at Costco Wholesale warehouse store in Southern California.

Mother accused of stabbing 5-year-old son ruled unfit to stand trial

11-year-old attacks home intruder with machete

Missing mother and son found shot to death in Oregon

Woman stabs man and rides her bike away

Suspicious death of 22-year-old following a hit-and-run crash