Intoxicated high School student arrested after touching female staff members' breasts.

7 month ago

Youngstown news, Ohio news.

A 15-year-old Liberty High School student is facing criminal charges after police say he grabbed staff members' breasts while possibly under the influence of LSD.

Around 10:30 a.m. last Wednesday, a school resource officer reported hearing a teacher yelling, "Do not touch me" while screaming for help. The officer reported seeing the suspect running down the hallway and into the parking lot.

He was stopped outside and ordered to return into the school at which time he started mumbling about breasts and making other incoherent statements, police said.

Police said the suspect then said, "Come here, b**ch" to a staff member. He then pushed her into the wall while grabbing her buttocks and breasts, according to a police report.

While the school resource officer was trying to handcuff the boy, the officer reported that he lunged for another staff member and grabbed her breasts "aggressively."

Other staff members had to help get the boy under control. He was put into a police cruiser where police say he began licking the windows.

Police said the boy then kicked through the window of the partition, kicking a police officer in the head.

When the Liberty Fire Department paramedics got the suspect out of the vehicle they put him on a gurney and began to transfer him to Mercy Health St. Elizabeth Downtown Hospital for medical evaluation.

When paramedics asked the suspect what he was on he replied, "LSD man" and then began yelling "big d***!" and "big t***!" at officers.

Once in the St. Elizabeth's ER area, the suspect began yelling "I'm an Avenger."

When the suspect was unhandcuffed by Mercy Health police officers he grabbed a female nurse examining him and tried to strangle her with the stethoscope around the nurse's neck.

The unidentified teen was charged with vandalism, resisting arrest, gross sexual imposition, and assault. He was booked in the Trumbull County Juvenile Justice Center.