Louisiana Local and Breaking News


Massive fire decimated drug, alcohol rehabilitation facility in New Jersey.

Illinois patient contracted serious lung disease after vaping died, may be first death in US linked to smoking alternative.

At least 6 inmates injured, two seriously, in riot at state prison in San Diego.

20-year old migrant from Bangladesh killed, 12 others injured when van collided with truck.

“Tragic accident” of California off-duty K-9 who left alone in hot car and died.

Police investigate alleged sexual assault against woman who got into political disagreement while volunteering.

Parents arrested after 2-month-old found with severe brain trauma, broken bones

Charges upgraded for Missouri man who killed two people

Depressed florist goes missing; police investigate

Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old strapped inside hot car

Newlywed couple killed in car crash moments after confirming their union at a courthouse.

Colombian Instagram model moonlighted recruited vulnerable girls underage to service celebrity clients sexually.

Women arrested after shoplifting store, leaving baby behind


Suspect arrested after intentionally running over two women inside store

Man charged after killing coworker at her home during lunch break

Former police officer charged with murdering couple amid drug raid

U.S. Army investigate official memo reference to Nazi death camp’s infamous slogan.

Venomous spider found in Missouri woman's ear

Texas boy,6, abducted by his mother called off after both found dead.

8-year-old killed, three people wounded during gunfire at high school football jamboree

22-year-old son accused of killing former NFL lineman Barry Bennett and his wife.

Convicted serial killer pleaded guilty to killing four Ohio women.

Employees at three Safeway stores in Washington found over $1 million worth of cocaine hidden in boxes of bananas.

Scared 12-year-old boy was able to foil his own kidnapping by jumping out of moving vehicle.

Teenager escapes from Uber driver who kidnapped her following party

Former NFL player, wife found dead in Minnesota home

Homeless man who killed golfer on course sentenced

Russian model and athlete suddenly dies while jogging

August 23rd

2 dead bodies discovered after blood and foul odor came out of parked car

Girl, 2, killed by mother's boyfriend who suffocated her, burned her with scalding water

Store owner saved by 13-year-old son after being attacked by 'crazy' man

Teen shot dead by crossfire while walking sister home

Philadelphia man accused of shooting six police officers spent time as federal informant.

Man killed by malfunctioning elevator in NYC building

Ex-wife of Atlanta surgeon kills her children then herself in apparent murder-suicide

New Mexico police found dead newborn in trash bag last, baby may have been injected with heroin by mother.

Mountain lion attacked 8-year-old boy, left him with serious injuries while playing outside his home.

Family of bobcats spotted roaming through Salt Lake City and Millcreek in Utah in broad daylight.

Missing body of head chef at popular NYC restaurant found dead at hostel.

Indiana man found guilty of murdering his mother’s boyfriend in order to give the woman new start.

Fort Worth man will spend the rest of his life in jail for raping 74-year-old patient at nursing home.

Philadelphia teen accused of stabbing two sisters, killing one, critically wounding the other.

Texas man arrested, charged with capital murder in the death of woman whose body found in burning SUV.

Catholic priest wrapped teen boy in plastic and tape, kept him in church janitor's closet.

Boy, 12, jumps from moving car to escape kidnapper

Man arrested on suspicion of killing woman found in burned car

Caretaker punishes toddler by holding her feet in boiling water