Danville police officer shot a fleeing driver, the victim's family are demending an answer.

5 month ago

Officer Andrew Hall, a five-year department veteran, shot a 33-year-old man near Danville's downtown last weekend.

saturday morning police got a call concerning a suspicious men near Cottage Lane and Laurel Drive around 11 a.m, walking toward some house with bags in his hands.

Laudemer Arboleda, a 33-year-old, was soon surrounded by police officers, Arboleda then hopped into his silver Honda sedan police have chased after him but lost his track as he acted like he was surrendering only to sped off when he reached Front Street and Diablo Road, he has found officer Hall waiting for him Arboleda then decided to run down the official with his car.

Hall was astonished by the sudden move and could not think of anything else but to pull his gun and shoot the attacker, Arboleda's car kept crashing and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

attorney Michael Rains, who is representing other Danville officers in the incident represented a video in which the driver was steering his car toward the officer at full speed.

Adante Pointer an attorney hired by Arboleda’s family expressed his anger toward the officer move and is still believing that hall took the life of an innocent man. the latter's family are seeking vengeance and revealed that despite his mental health issues their son was leading a normal life doing accounting and billing work for companies such as Amazon.

Police are still reviewing the video as part of their investigation, the results of which will be presented during a coroner’s inquest, a public hearing in which a jury determines the manner of death.

the whole incident is still a mystery and a lot of people are forming two parties a party which condemns hall's action and seeing the whole shooting alternative unnecessary and dangerous; while the other party is siding up with the officer and is regarding it as a self-defensive approach to save a police man's life.