Death of a man in the bush of Taree. What is the cause?

6 month ago

Police found a corpse of a man in North America last week. Although the man has not yet been officially identified, the police think he is a man in his forties.

On Thursday, a small fire in the Yarratt National Forest. A team from the NSW Rural Fire Department (RFS), went at 6 pm the same day. The investigators believe that the man died at the same time and died in the forest on Thursday morning. The police are waiting for the results of a post-mortem examination to determine how he died.

Police officers from the Manning-Great Lakes District Police Department established a crime scene that was examined by forensic scientists. As the investigation continues, the detectives seek information from the community to determine how to behave in the forest and who could have been with him.

In addition, investigators would be able to assist the investigation, including those who know the identity of the man.