The husband of White House Counselor is firing back at Trump's new decision to replace Sessions referring to it as "unconstitutional"

5 month ago

President Donald Trump’s decision to instate Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general has made White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's husband enraged

George Conway who has become the president number one critic usually sending his disapproval remarks via Tweeter publically criticized Trump's decision to instate Matthew Whitaker attorney general and called it an"unconstitutional" and "illegal" move.

President Donald Trump requested Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step down from his position and announced Matthew Whitaker who was Sessions' chief of staff, to take charge of the Department of Justice until a permanent replacement is nominated.

George Conway stated that such movement should be discussed first by the Senate and that the president's forced decision should be counted invalid as it was illegal and unconstitutional adding that anything coming from George Conway should not be taken into consideration.

in the other hand, the white house is having a positive view toward that move and cannot see anything wrong in putting Whitaker in that position.

Whitaker was appointed acting attorney general according to the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, which says that an individual who has served in a federal agency at a senior grade for at least 90 days can be appointed as an acting agency head.

while all this hubbab was taking place president trump was just acting his usual self when he mocked George Conway and dismissed his whole existence by calling him by his wife's name Kellyanne and avoided adding anything else as he stated that he doesn't know the man personally and requested to ask his wife in return as she might know him better.