Former Botswana President in conflict With Government

6 month ago

The Botswana government, which is uncomfortable with the harsh criticism of the former president.

The mutual disagreement between Ian Khama, who resigned in April after a decade in power, pitted the new administration against a country whose reputation as one of Africa's most independent and most 'a thorough examination in recent years. President Mukajawesi Masisi, Khalifa Khama, admitted last month that there was a wider conflict, saying the political transition in Botswana was not as smooth as expected.

Saturday The Botswana Foreign Ministry said it was concerned about Khama's "shocking" statements about Trump in Oxford and at a traditional meeting in Siroy, a town in Botswana, where Sirira Seretta's father was the first president after the independence of Britain in 1966. Born. In a statement, the ministry said the use of crude to meet, "to guide another head of state may be misunderstood as an official position of the government".

Khama said, "The ministry is free to abandon these principles and to ignore Donald Trump's current and past tendencies, which he has clearly demonstrated in one way or another in the past, in the way that he referred to the countries of Africa ",

Trump commented earlier this year on "states of disorder" in Africa, calling it "insult and racism".

The dispute over Khama's comments about Trump comes amid tensions that Masisi, the former vice president who left Khama, said he tried to mediate.