2 Shots in one of the Richest Communities in the Country

6 month ago

Police on Saturday reported that two people were killed in the morning in the suburbs of Long Island, considered one of the richest communities in the country. The cause of the two people's deaths was a gunshot, around 3 pm, somewhere on Pinetree Lane in Old Westbury.

A recent analysis of tax and census data by Bloomberg News ranked Old Westbury 18th among the richest postal codes in the country, with an average adjusted gross revenue of approximately $ 640,000 in 2015.

Old Westbury Police Chief Robert Glaser told Newsday that an officer responded to a gun call had seen a car The street is also near a Long Island Expressway interchange.

Glaser told the newspaper that officers had chased a car that had come out of a dead-end, where homes were selling for several million dollars and arrested four people, but it was not clear if they were related to the shooting.

The News 12 videos showed a black handgun on the sidewalk in front of a spacious house, then the police stretched a crime scene cassette in their driveway.