Dems Won't Seat Candidate in Unresolved Race

6 month ago

On Friday, Governor Roy Cooper met with the Republican resistance after announcing he would appoint a provisional council of elections after a three-judge court ruled on Thursday that the current council should be dissolved at noon Friday. The measure taken by the Democratic Party would fill the gap - and allow the council to hold a hearing on the evidence on January 11 about the race to the 9th District Congress - until the new law governs the statewide elections committee can come into effect on January 31.

Steny Hoyer, the new leader of the American majority, issued a statement in which he declared that the Democrats in the House, and because of the ongoing investigation, will not allow Republican Mark Harris to be sworn in the next week.

Last week, Electoral Council Chair Josh Malcolm said in a written statement to a panel of three judges that investigators - who can continue to work on any reorganization - had collected more than 182,000 pages of documents in response to 12 convocations.

If the Democrats in the House refuse to sit on Harris, it will not be the first time the House of Representatives is delayed or refuses to sit on a new member. In 2009, US Senate leaders initially refused to sit on Roland Boris to replace the seat of former President Barack Obama in Illinois. Boris was named to succeed Obama by Governor Blagojevich, who was eventually found guilty of bribery for attempting to sell the candidacy to the Senate.