Former First lady Michelle Obama would not forgive president Trump for putting her family into danger?

5 month ago

former United States First Lady Michelle Obama has publically confessed her feeling toward the current president Trump she has stated that she would never forgive him for putting the life of her family members into danger, Obama accused the president of false rumors he has spread over the legitimacy of President Barack Obama's American birth certificate.

the first lady is already excited to publish her latest 2018 upcoming book "becoming", where she would talk about roots and her personal experience as the united states the first lady as well her struggles to find her voice and her other health activities.

as a response to Obama's book trump's has stated to reporters that the first lady got paid generously and that her readers are expecting a controversy in return; while he snapped back at her husband the former president stating that he would never forgive him for what he did to us militarily and has directly accused him of putting the country and citizen's life into danger .

in her upcoming memoir, Obama would share her deepest personal experiences, her relationship with her husband and her struggle to become a mother.

her book is already having high rating praises and was expected to be very sensual and heart touching.

obama also excluded herself from politics after she was in the list of 2020 potential presidents declaring her unchanging dislikeness of politics despite her 10 years experience as a first lady.