An 8-year-old Guatemalan boy died in the US because of the grip

6 month ago

Felipe Gomez Alonzo, 8-year-old Guatemalan migrant who died this week had the flu, in the custody of US Customs and Border Protection according to the New Mexico Medical Investigator's office. The official cause of death of the boy has not yet been determined.

The boy died shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico, about 90 km north of the El Paso, Texas, border crossing.

The coroner's office has announced that the boy has tested positive for influenza B, one of the viruses that causes seasonal epidemics in the United States, according to US control and prevention centers.

Felipe was taken to the hospital on Monday after a border services officer noticed his illness and the medical staff initially diagnosed him with a cold and then detected a fever.