4 arrests: 3 adults and 1 teenager after "shopping mall brawl", police say

6 month ago

Wednesday, a fight was in a massive mall in Connecticut, involving hundreds of people. after answering a call at around 6 p.m. about the brawl, police arrested three adults and one teenager, Dynastee, 19, of Wethersfield, Inaija Williams, 18, of Hartford and Naejza Bares, 18, of New Britain and a juvenile, age 17,

There would have been several troubles in the mall. Police said most of the people involved in the fighting were teenagers.

Police said the 17-year-old man refused to leave. He was also carrying a .22 caliber handgun without a license for which he had been charged, the police said.

The mall was closed for the rest of the day before it reopened on Thursday. The mall management said no one was hurt.

Lt. Ryan Shea of Manchester Police said additional police officers would be stationed at the mall in the near future. Authorities would work to determine what triggered the fight.