Family who received wrong ashes for cremated mother sues funeral home.

6 month ago

A local funeral home, hospital, and Crematory are facing the rage of Clayton County family that received the wrong cremated remains of their mother.

None of the defendants accept responsibility for the mix-up, with the hospital and crematory pointing toward documented proof that they followed legal procedures in the cremation.

n mid-October, Southern Regional Medical Center called Bradley’s daughter in regards to claiming the body, and that’s when the family realized they’d been given the wrong ashes.

Carr went on to speak with Edwin Shelton, the funeral director, who claimed Cremation Services of Atlanta delivered the wrong remains and he thought he had the correct ones.

On Christmas Day, Bradley’s family filed a lawsuit against all three parties in an attempt to trace the mix-up and seek compensation for the family, whose mother’s remains are still in Shelton’s possession.

the funeral director claimed that Shelton’s family has been involved in the funeral service industry for more than four decades.

State records show a second major dispute resulted in the suspension of Shelton’s funeral director license and a 3-year probation term from 2009 to 2012.

The state found Shelton was partially responsible for keeping an unrefrigerated corpse in the funeral home for five months. It happened amid a financial dispute with a grieving family.

the hospital maintained they followed legal protocol in releasing Bradley’s body to Shelton’s funeral home, the entity Bradley’s family authorized for cremation.