Trump launches ultimatum to Democrats that he would fund without Congressional approval

6 month ago

US President Donald Trump tweeted Friday morning that the southern border was to be shut down completely if the obstructionist democrats did not give the money needed to complete the wall and change the ridiculous immigration laws the United States faces, threatening to close the southern border of the country if the government closure continues.

the partial closure of the US government is expected to continue in 2019, but Democrats are stuck in deadlock over the controversial Trump border wall funding.

Despite the congressional House and Senate meeting on Thursday, no action has been taken to end the fence. Both chambers are scheduled to meet on Monday.

The disparity in trade between Mexico and the United States under NAFTA, which the United States is losing "more than $ 75 billion" a year, is so much that Trump said he would consider closing border as a "profit-making operation".

This conflict put hundreds of thousands of federal employees on temporary leave without pay and left others in the dark.

Trump refused to sign a broader funding program, insisting that the border wall problem prevail.