Armed customers stopped 2 Suspects who tried to steal $1,600 in tools from a local store.

6 month ago

At least six armed customers surrounded two suspects who reportedly walked into a Marysville, Washington, store on Saturday and robbed four nail guns that retailed around $400 a piece.

the unnamed suspects-whose ages 22 and 23-attempted to fled the scene in their vehicle when they were suddenly confronted by the armed men.

one of the suspects reportedly tried to drive away despite being surrounded, the other suspect said, "He won't shoot, run him over."

The suspect who was driving attempted to pull away and did reportedly strike one of the armed customers, causing him to land on the hood of the getaway vehicle.

One of the armed customers, however, did shoot, firing at one of the vehicle's front tires. Another customer fired at the vehicle's rear tires.

Police discovered the suspects' vehicle three blocks away — with two flat tires and the stolen merchandise still inside. Authorities found the suspects after a search and the two men were booked into the Snohomish County Jail on charges of first-degree theft.

the Marysville Police Department tweeted a request that the customers involved in the stand-off to come forward and provide statements.

"We believe that at least two civilians fired at the shoplifters or the shoplifter's car as it was fleeing the store," the tweet read. "Those citizens then left before police arrived. We are asking that those who fired contact MSVL police to provide us a statement as to what they saw."

Marysville Police Department's Commander Mark Thomas said that he hopes those involved in the altercation would come forward and do the right thing.