Police shot dead a teen driver of a stolen car

6 month ago

A "chaotic scene": A teenager hit officers and passersby in a stolen car through a crowd of about 200 people in Florida early Wednesday morning the teenager was a backed.

After receiving a call at 2:21 pm, Lakeland Police responded directly. It was a crowd gathering in front of a restaurant. The teen driver started aggressively in the parking lot, driving to one of the officers and other customers making them fear for their lives, 28-year-old officer Markais Neal and two additional officers, Joseph Novis, 25, and Raj Patel, 23, shot at the car when the Camaro headed straight for Lakeland. Despite that, the driver continued to cross the car park at a high speed, hitting several vehicles in the parking lot.

WFLA reported that a female passenger managed to get out of the stolen car before she crashed, she said there may be a gun inside the Camaro.

According to the shooting policy involving police officers, the three officers involved were put on paid administrative leave for a minimum of three days.