2019 is almost there, let’s revisit the most important time of 2018

6 month ago

Let's begin with the best and the worst campaign of 2018.

Scott showed some intelligence by avoiding the worst ties with Trump, even if he did not win much - about 10,000 votes out of more than 8 million votes, but he won against Bill Nelson because striking the incumbent is the hardest thing in politics.

Kobash, the secretary of state in Kansas, lost to a relatively unknown senator, Laura Kelly, during the fall campaign. His loss resulted in gross misreading of voters in Kansas, and the conviction that he could tell state citizens of what they needed.

For the best campaign ad of 2018, the Democratic candidate for the Senate of Minnesota, Richard Painter, did not win his race in the Senate. But he wins the Point Award. Well-deserved.

Not a loss but a win

Beto O'Rourke's 2-point loss to Senator Ted Cruz in the Red State of Texas has turned him from a little-known Congress man into a national democratic darling. His 2018 season would not have been better.

Who’s the special guest of the White House?

For a glorious hour in January, all eyes were on Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former presidential doctor. The first thing he did, he informed the press of President Trump's physical health. Which is perfect. And of course, Trump appreciated that. So he named Jackson to lead the VA! Jackson withdrew his candidacy in April after a series of allegations about his professional conduct.