After being criticized Donald Trump made a surprise visit to troops in Iraq today accompanied by Melania Trump.

6 month ago

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have made a Christmas visit to US troops in Iraq on Wednesday.

the move came after the loads of criticism he has received as he was the first president in 15 years not to make a troop visit on Christmas day. It was his first visit to a combat zone.

the White House has confirmed that the president and his wife traveled there unannounced "late on Christmas night" to thank troops for "their service, their success, and their sacrifice", it said.

Trump’s trip comes during a tense time for the commander in chief and his national security officials, who have been critical of the president's decision to abruptly withdraw troops from Syria and reduce the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, which led to the resignation of widely respected Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Mr. Trump said the US had no plans to pull out of Iraq.

it looks like the president is finally choosing his moves carefully in the light of the government's shutdown.