Georgia dad charged after buried bodies of 2 children discovered

6 month ago

Authorities said that a Georgia father was arrested in relation of the killing of his two children whose bodies were found buried in a backyard.

According to reports Elwyn Crocker, 50, was working as Santa Claus at the store in Rincon. One of his neighbors claimed: "This guy, the biological father, was working as Santa Claus at Rincon Walmart, and other families who live out here had their kids in his lap." Officials discovered two bodies while searching the home in Guyton where Mary Crocker , 14, had once lived. Autopsies confirmed that one of the bodies was Mary's while the other was the one of her brother Elwyn Crocker Jr who had disappeared since 2016.

He was charged with child cruelty and concealing death in connection with the kids' killings. He is being held without bond.